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Photo Guide to Plants of Southern Africa
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Photographer Cooperating institution Photos
Beaumont, Judy J.Beaumont (private) 120
Christiaan, Reginald BIOTA AFRICA 7
Coetzee, Marina Polytechnic of Namibia (Windhoek) 5
Deckert, Jürgen BIOTA AFRICA 19
Dreber, Niels BIOTA AFRICA 610
Erb, Elke Elke Erb (Camel Farm, Swakopmund) 1101
Erb, Peter SASSCAL 1
Etzold, Sophia BIOTA AFRICA 174
Finckh, Manfred The Future Okavango (TFO) 6
Fortuin, Adrian BIOTA AFRICA 5
Groengroeft, Alexander BIOTA AFRICA 1
Helme, Nick BIOTA AFRICA 1
Horn, Piet Piet Horn 271
Ihlenfeldt, Hans-Dieter BIOTA AFRICA 4
Jürgens, Norbert BIOTA AFRICA 5837
Jürgens, Norbert SASSCAL 492
Kruger, Salome National Botanical Research Institute (Windhoek) 6
Kuhlmann, Michael The Natural History Museum London 19
Kwembeya, Ezekeil National Botanical Research Institute (Windhoek) 56
Le Roux, Annelise BIOTA AFRICA 2
Mayer, Carolin BIOTA AFRICA 375
Miehlich, Günter BIOTA AFRICA 8
Mills, Anthony BIOTA AFRICA 246
Niesler, Ingeborg BioCentre Klein Flottbek and Botanical Garden, Hamburg, Germany 75
Oncken, Imke BIOTA AFRICA 93
Reddig, Cara Elke Erb (Camel Farm, Swakopmund) 16
Revermann, Rasmus The Future Okavango (TFO) 85
Rügheimer, Silke et al National Botanical Research Institute (Windhoek) 1358
Schmidt, Marco BIOTA AFRICA 369
Schmidt, Marco Senckenberg Research Institute Frankfurt 92
Schmiedel, Ute BIOTA AFRICA 1510
Schmiedel, Ute SASSCAL 497
Schrenk, Jürgen Jürgen Schrenk (private) 777
Schulz, Anne BIOTA AFRICA 171
Strohbach, Ben N.N. 469
Strohbach, Ben Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) 286
Strohbach, Ben National Botanical Research Institute (Windhoek) 1792
Strohbach, Ben Polytechnic of Namibia 291
Wesuls, Dirk BIOTA AFRICA 866
Zizka, Alexander Senckenberg Research Institute Frankfurt 276
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2588 illustrated species

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